What sets our leages apart?

Madison Rec Hockey is proud to offer in its inaugural season a couple of different leagues, and tournaments to fit all skill levels. Our leagues will be very similar to most other leagues and tournaments in the area. However, we do have a few different things that make us unique!

Branding and Identity

We want to stand out in our community. We have given our tournaments and leagues fun names that help separate us from others in the area. Each plays into the beer league theme and we are proud that they encourage players to have fun at every level.

In addition to our leagues and tournaments having a brand, our seasons will have a cohesive identity too. Taking a nod from our friends at State Wars and International Inline Hockey Series, each year will have a different theme. This year as mentioned, we are proud to start with our adult beer leagues, and we theming this year "Oktoberfest".

Rule Changes

With the founders of MRH having over 10+ years each of playing rec hockey and in various beer leagues, we are hoping that our rule changes will make the game faster, more fun, and avoid conflict.

No Minor Penalties 

That's right...no minor penalties, but penalty shots. Minor penalties will be assessed by using a penalty shot with a chase. The way it works is that the person who was infringed upon will get to start at the center face off dot, like any other penalty shot. Then the other players will start at the opposite blueline behind the shooter. As soon as he touches the puck, the chase is on. If the goal is scored, great! If not, its like soccer after a PK, and we play on. This helps minimize arguments and keeps the game moving.

Three Periods

Yes, we know that roller has 2 halves, but most of our clientele comes from an ice hockey background. Also, who in beer league can't use another quick break? So, we have decided our games will be 3 - 15min periods. If a game is close, we will have a stopped clock with the last 2:00 minutes in the 3rd.

Mercy Rules

Any team who is up by 8 after the 2nd period is complete, will be declared the winner by mercy rule. This allows our games to keep moving on time and hopefully gets players off before tempers erupt.

Post Game Meal Deal

Something not done in the Madison area is delivery to the dressing room. We think another feature of Madison Rec Hockey that will set us apart is our Post Game Meal Deal which features 2 pizzas and 2 buckets of beer. This can be ordered ahead of time and then delivered to your dressing room shortly before your game is over. That way, you have hot food and cold beers waiting for you after your game!